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Welcome to Sound Healing Arts.


Laurie Letter PT, is a Sound Healer, teacher, and innovative physical therapist with 40 years experience in health care. She is highly skilled in synthesizing conventional and alternative, holistic medicine to assist you in your wellness and healing. She truly is a bridge between Western and ancient healing tradtiions.




~ Shift out of pain and into ease


~ Increase mobility


~ Release scar tissue


~ Be empowered in your well being


~ Be at ease in your body and mind


~ Feel more present and connected


~ Release long held physical and energetic patterns



~ Group classes available   




Laurie's work is intuitive, skilled, and highly effective.



I believe there is a Presence of Grace that guides and informs each of us in our lives and in our healing.

It is this Presence that I open to and align with as I work with you.




Please enjoy the video below, which is a sample of sound healing by Laurie.


All photographs on this website are by Laurie Letter.


All web content is by Laurie Letter.


Want to know more about Laurie Letter and the services she offers? Get detailed information here. Learn more about Laurie. We're looking forward to serving you!