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About Laurie

Laurie received a degree in physical therapy in 1978.  In the mid 1980's, she began integrating energy medicine and vocal sound healing into her work. She was licensed in massage therapy in 1985.


Laurie has utilized her skills in many settings:

Hospitals, home health care, outpatient clinics, hospice home health care, the first AIDS hospice/skilled nursing facility in the US, and private practice.

In 1982, she co-created with two other PT's a physical therapy cardiac rehab program for Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle, WA.


Laurie has taught workshops in Toning (healing with sound) and partner massage. She has worked with children, exploring the creative use of sound and movement. She instructed teenagers in Washington state in samplings of holistic self care techniques.

She teaches practicle self care skills at retreats and workshops.


Further training which has influenced Laurie's work includes:


Medicine Wheel Shamanic studies with John English , Arizona 2004 -2005.

Shamanic training with Alberto Villoldo, Four Winds Society, Mexico 2006

Spiritual Health Through Sound Institute, Pat Moffitt-Cook, Bainbridge Island, WA 2006-2007


Laurie is currently training in Moga Dao Qi Gong with Master Zhenzan Dao at the Mogadao Institute in Santa Fe, NM.




Laurie intuitively and skillfully integrates vocal transmissions of healing energy, gentle neuromuscular re-education, microcurrent stimulation ( MPS Therapy) and instruction in self care techniques to assist you on your path of healing and transformation. Read what clients have to say.





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