Sound Healing Arts
Sound Healing Arts

Client Testimonials

"Laurie Letter has a voice like liquid velvet. To hear her singing is a comfort, a healing balm."  ~ Reverend Carol Calvert, Church of Antioch


"Laurie's invocations of healing energy via toning are real and powerful, especially when guided by both her keen perceptions as a physical therapist and an energetic intuitive. Thank you!"  ~ D.R. CST, MST


"I find Laurie's work to be excitingly unique. Her innate abilities, mixed with beautiful sounds, create a technique that balances, clears, and heals in a way that's hard to describe - both shamanic and angelic at the same time. I've never experienced anything quite like it and I highly recommend it to my clients and friends."  

~ T.K., RN, Santa Fe, NM


Laurie is a gifted healer.  It is difficult to describe how effective her sound healing is.  Laurie’s voice is wonderful.  When she is toning, I can feel a shift in my energy to a higher level. My heart feels more open and loving and my mind feels calmer.  Her work is very intuitive and the disciplines she uses vary, depending on her perceptions of what would help heal.  Getting my energies aligned has made me feel more like myself. In interactions with people and companion animals I have noticed feeling more open, accepting and calm towards others, and then I experience this in return.  The work Laurie does has also helped in healing physical injuries and ailments. She has given me exercises and tools to use on my own to maintain and continue my personal and spiritual development and physical healing. I have been on this journey with Laurie for over 8 years and look forward to each session.  I highly recommend Laurie.

~ Anne C., Santa Fe, NM


"I find the tones and qualities of Laurie's voice to be rich, sublime and other worldly."

~ Paula Gore